Kittens Give This Street Musician's Music The Big Tick Of Approval!

Just When You Need Support It Turns Up From Somewhere Totally Unexpected

The life of a street musician can be very hard, as I've seen in multiple times and in many cities of the world.

This one on the streets of Pangkor in Malaysia was certainly finding it tough. He was playing with passion and skill but no-one seemed to want to listen to him.

Until that is a group of young kittens suddenly turned up out of nowhere and sat down to listen to him play.

They really seemed to be enjoying his performance, staring up at him with rapt attention and nodding their little heads along with his music.

Before long, he also had a large audience of people as well, so maybe his night turned out to be profitable after all!

It just goes to show that it's impossible to resist a kitten - don't you think?

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