10 Compelling Reasons Cats Are Way Better Than Men!

I suspect a lot of female cat slaves have already figured these out!

How Many Reasons Can You Come Up With?

As a guy I really had to think twice before posting this video up, but hey, it's been a really popular one (mainly with women I suspect), so I'll just be a good sport and share it all with you.

I'm seriously thinking of creating an alternative one myself as to why cats are better than women... let's see now:

  1. They don't keep you waiting for an hour (or more) while they do their makeup
  2. They don't hog the T.V.
  3. They won't give you disapproving looks when you're slumped on the couch drink a beer

I'll come up with some more later on!

For now though...

Just enjoy the video

OK - I Found The Male Response!

Yay - vindication for men. Here's the response showing why cats are better than women:

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