IKEA Just Launched A Pet Furniture Collection, And Animal Lovers Are Going Crazy Over It!

Great idea! Now maybe my kitty will let me have some couch space!

IKEA are well known for stocking everything you could possible need to turn a house into a home (including plenty of stuff you didn't even know you needed).

Until now though their range has always been aimed at us humans. That's changed though, as a new range of furniture designed purely for our pets has been released - and it's fair to say that pet lovers are going totally NUTS for it!

All images: IKEA

Here's Some Kitty Examples

And Just In Case You're Also a Dog Lover...

Lurvig Your Furniture!

The range is called 'Lurvig' which mean 'Hairy' in Swedish, so that's pretty appropriate don't you think?

Here's a video showing some of what's available:

Make sure to share this with your pet loving friends won't you?

Halloween and cats just seem made for each other somehow don't they?

Possibly the funniest TV commercial you've never seen.

It's almost as if some of these kitties have been painted!