10 Gilmore Girls Moments That Made You Forever Team Logan

10 Gilmore Girls Moments That Made You Forever Team Logan

In the spirit of the highly anticipated Gilmore Girls revival (which will be a four-part movie), I think it is an appropriate time to praise Rory’s best boyfriend on the show, Logan Huntzberger. So here are the top moments that will go down in television history as the best Rory and Logan moments.

1. That time they jumped off a platform and gracefully fell like Mary Poppins.

2. The moment he decided to stop with the whole friends with benefits thing and commit.

3. When he told off his family when they were being total jerks.

4. The Birkin Bag.

5. When Rory was mad at him and he asked Lorelei to talk to her.

6. When he moved to London and gave her a rocket.

7. When Logan went to Stars Hollow for the first time.

8. When he showed up at the hospital when her grandpa had a heart attack.

9. When he asked Lorelei for Rory’s hand in marriage.

10. When he asked Rory to marry him.

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