Former Air Force Mechanic Who Was Deployed in Afghanistan is Now Turning Heads as Fitness Model

Hope Howard has been serving as an air force mechanic and now she is turning heads to become a smoking fitness model. This was her dream to be a model but first she wanted to serve her country. When she was 19, she was deployed to Afghanistan.

During her job as air force mechanic, she learned that lifting weights and nutrition were what she loved the most. After serving her country for many years, she re-evaluated her career and realize her dream of becoming a model she had had as a little girl.

Hope was deployed as an air force mechanic in Afghanistan when she was only 19.

As a little girl, she dreamed to be a model but first she wanted to serve her country. She is now turning heads to revisit her dream career; modeling.

She learned during her job in Afghanistan that she loves weight lifting and nutrition.

A fire started to burn inside her and it was impossible to put it out.

She had to say that lifting weights and eating properly helped her save life.

Just within four years, Hope worked her way up to becoming a personal trainer and weightlifter.

She is a great example of how to set life goals and turn heads to achieve them at any stage of life.

She served her country and became what she had dreamed as well.

Today, she is a successful fitness trainer with more than one million online fans.

She also revealed that after her graduation, she had joined the United States Air Force and during that job, she re-evaluated her career of becoming a model.

There is a tremendous lesson to be learnt from her story and that’s “Never let your dreams just be dreams”.