The 10 Photos Exorcism of Emily Rose

The 10 Photos Exorcism of Emily Rose

One of the most shocking films in the horror genre was the exorcism of Emily Rose, a movie based on real events that tell the story of a young girl who begins to present abnormal electrical activity in her head, manifested in violent convulsions and psychosis.


Hopeless seeks the help of a priest, and placing their trust in the Catholic religion is subjected to an intense session of exorcism. Finally, the girl dies, and the pastor must face the law during a trial in which they determine whether or not he had the responsibility in that death for not having requested the medical attention that the girl needed from the beginning.

The real name of the girl was Anneliese Michel, and her story is more macabre than the one you saw in the movies...

Do you want to know her? Here we have 10 terrifying photos.




1. Anneliese Michel began to change at age 16

She had always been a regular and calm girl; perhaps a little clueless but never stopped attending church at least twice a week with his devoted family... At age 16 he was diagnosed with epilepsy that would later cause a tragedy.


2. Voices in the head

At the age of 20, she was plunged into a deep depression due to his illness, the attacks were getting stronger and were accompanied by voices and visions. Anneliese began to show aversion for religious objects such as crucifixes, rosaries, bibles and even paintings.


3. The first and only hospitalization

His parents were worried and went to the hospital, although deep down they believed there was no cure for his illness; sometime later they decided to put aside the medical treatment that controlled their epileptic seizures and resort to faith.



4. Demonic possession

His parents approached the Catholic Church because they believed that what lurked the body of his daughter was a demon, and although the first priests warned that it was a medical case that required urgent attention, they preferred to seek a second opinion.



5. Ernst Alt and Arnold Renz

These two parish priests agreed to find a solution, and as the problem of the girl proliferated, they decided to practice the first exorcism.


6. Chained

To avoid hurting or hurting others, she was bound with ropes and heavy chains; she was also restricted to eat and drink water in the sessions, although she gradually stopped doing it of his own free will, just as she didn't go back to sleep.



7. Drank urine and blood

To stay alive chose to feed on flies and insects, and drank his urine not to dehydrate. When his thirst was exaggerated, it caused wounds to lick his blood.



8. Two exorcisms per week

In total, 67 exorcisms were performed, but one day his body could not stand it anymore.



9. Weighing 68 pounds

When she died, he was only 23 years old and weighed just under 68 pounds.


10. Negligence?

Upon his death, an investigation case was opened to regulate the ecclesiastical power in Germany. However, the priests who participated in these sessions were sentenced to only three years on probation. Their parents, intellectual authors, didn't even have to face charges because they had suffered enough according to the law.


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