UK set to FREEZE from this weekend and in to next week as temperatures plummet with snow for many by Monday

BRITAIN will go back to freezing conditions this weekend and into next week with snow and sub-zero temperatures. Parts of the country were left under a dusting of snow yesterday as snow showers fell in Scotland, northern and western England.

Temperatures will continue to drop in the coming days with temps expected to be as low as -10C by Tuesday next week.

Bitter winds from northern Canada and the Arctic will keep temperatures through the day widely in the low single figures.

Temperature forecast Wednesday

A freezing blast this weekend could bring one of the coldest nights of winter with temperatures expected to drop below -10C (14F) on Sunday.

Snowfall is forecast in the run up to the weekend with Scotland and the north most likely to see the heaviest showers, however these will move further south through Monday and Tuesday.

Snow cover forecast for Tuesday.

Met Office forecaster Alex Burkill said

After a frosty start, tomorrow will be mostly dry and sunny. It will feel milder than today in lighter winds. Showers will affect eastern coasts, and also Pembrokeshire and Cornwall.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

On Saturday, heavy rain and snow will move across the UK. Sunday and Monday are likely to be cold and dry with sunshine until rain moves into the northwest later.

It will be windy at times, with a chance of snow showers in the east towards the end of the period. Temperatures are likely to stay below average for the time of year.

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