Crypto news!


#BTC :

- It will reach 23,000 at the beginning of March 2018
- It will reach 100,000 dollars by the end of 2018
- There will be several dramatic falls. One of 20,000 dollars when it reaches 64,000 dollars.
- It will reach 5,000 dollars in the summer of 2018 (March to June)
- It will reach 50,000 in 2019
- It will rise in March after a surprising news. Vehicle of payment of a great sale chain ???
- It will be worth 1/5 of btc
- It will rise a lot in March
2018 is not a year to withdraw profits from the crypto. It's a year to invest in crypts. Even when btc reaches 100,000. Eat noodles in 2018 and caviar in years to come.

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