Did You Know This About Oldham ?

Interesting Facts About Oldham

1. The name ‘Oldham’ stems from the area where a large horde of rebels from the North were famously captured during the reign of Henry Viii. The mass decapitation of the perceived cowards that followed also derived the term ‘headless chickens’.

2. Following a large oil discovery during the 1910s, the town is referred to by locals as ‘Texas Oldham’

3. Following an injury crisis during the 1980s, a call for players over the Boundary Park tannoy saw local baker Frankie Bunn drafted in from the terraces as he had his boots in the back of his delivery van. Frankie famously scored 6 goals in the 7-0 rout of Scarborough, earning himself a shot term contract. Manager Joe Royle set Frankie a 12-goal target for the season, but the poppy-seed rolls specialist went one better and scored 13.

4. Oldham has historically been famous for textiles, but its industry has suffered in the last 30 years following the demise of the summer head hankie.

5. Winston Churchill began his political career in Oldham, and was elected Parliamentary Representative in the 1900 election.

6. Famous Oldham residents include Humpty Dumpty, Barrack Obama and homage, to our former PM, the Churchill Dog.

7. Oldham is the administrative centre for biros, due to its favourable Pennines position.

8. Local politician Michael Meacher and his brothers lothario antics are so well known, local schools have been known to replace hymns by singing Son of a Meacher Man.

9. Famous Oldham exports have included Cotton Mills, Danny Mills, and ready meals.

10. Oldham is none for being a ‘high density urban area’, which explains why most Oldham residents are thick as two short planks.

10.5. The name Boundary Park was spawned in 1904, when Oldham inside half Earnie Erstwhistle kicked the ball out for a throw in on the full, and referee Harold Whistleblower indicated for a six, before demanding a new ball was used after 80 minutes.

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