Dog Asks Daddy To Let Him Snuggle! Can’t Handle The Cuteness!

Take a look at this awesome video!

Sometimes dogs can think they are sneaky, easing into the chair that you’re in, attempting to snuggle up next to you. For little lap dogs, that’s not usually a big deal, but for the bigger dogs, it can cause problems. Some houses have a ‘no dogs on the furniture’ rule just for that reason. That’s why it’s so nice to see a dog that asks before he jumps up on the couch.

We’re not sure how this video was set up. The man in the video is just relaxing on the couch and the dog seems to want to cuddle. Making some rather urgent gestures, that dog got the man’s attention, at the signal that its okay to get up, he works his way into a comfortable position for the two of them.

Take a look at this awesome video!

This is amazing; not all dogs are this polite! Share if you want to teach your dog this trick!

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