'A situation of absolute neglect': 20 dogs seized from Canadian small dog breeder

The British Columbia SPCA will be recommending animal cruelty charges after 20 dogs and puppies were seized from a breeder in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. 

The small-breed dogs, which include Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Papillion, Pekingese and Maltese-Yorkie crosses, were taken from the home after members of the public called the SPCA.

"These animals were unfortunately being neglected and ranged from newly born puppies to adult dogs," said Marcie Moriarty, the SPCA's chief prevention and enforcement officer.

"This was a situation of absolute neglect. These dogs were living in very high ammonia concentrations. The house was very cluttered. They were neglected in terms of not receiving adequate grooming, medical care."

The seized dogs had matted fur and long nails and some required dental care, according to Moriarty.

But she added that the breeder was co-operative and turned the dogs over almost immediately.

"It absolutely was a situation where the breeder was overwhelmed. The situation had gotten out of control, and those animals needed to be removed," Moriarty said.

Investigators will be recommending animal cruelty charges in the hope of securing a ban against the breeder on owning animals.

The case highlights some of the issues the SPCA has seen with puppy breeding operations, Moriarty said. The potential profits from producing toy breeds like the ones seized in Chilliwack can be very tempting for people who don't have the knowledge or money to properly care for large numbers of pets.

In the spring of 2016, the provincial government announced an order-in-council that adopts the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association's Codes of Practice for both kennel and cat breeding operations as generally accepted practices of animal management for commercial breeders and boarders.

But Moriarty said she'd like to see the new government develop regulations requiring breeders to be licensed and held to legislated standards of care.

The dogs seized in Chilliwack are now in the care of foster families or receiving veterinary care.

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