Why some artist decided to go under the knife?

Steven Tyler is a legendary American songwriter who also known as a celebrity with an unusual taste as far as plastic surgery is concerned. Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery is one that has left many people wondering where this cosmetic procedure is leading celebrities to. Some celebrity can deny the allegation of plastic surgery, but some aren't so clear, but Tyler’s looks can’t hide plastic surgery very easily. It was a kind of cosmetic that leads people to keep on talking about it and thirst for a clear answer. Steven himself didn't deny the allegations completely. His case is a perfect example of what surgery can really do to you if you aren’t among the lucky few who comes out of it satisfied with the results. 

The late Michael Jackson was also known as a reigning King of Pop. He was actually more than a man, he was a legend. He put up his music career that spanned over 4 decades. During his time he had a total of 13 Grammy awards and 26 American Music Awards. He became a very successful artist with a sale of hundreds of millions of records and created a huge fortune. No one can be considered as good as Michael Jackson, he's the only artist who has a synonymous name with singing and dancing. However, he had a big public issue about his appearance.

Lady Gaga is one of the popular female artists in todays generation. Her songs are easily recognized and embraced by the youth, but just like the other artist, Gaga also been in allegation of having a plastic surgery which never been confirmed by her spokeman. When she appeared in a Gay pride event, many people notice the changes on her nose, it's more streamlined, sharper and smaller, clearly showing the tale signs of plastic surgery. In 2011, Lady Gaga was interviewed by Harper Bazaar. She clearly said that she will never go under the knife, preaching about self-acceptance. In the past, Lady Gaga has spoken out about her looks and in almost all past interviews, claimed, she would never consider plastic surgery as an option. In her interview with Harper Bazaar she added, saying “ many pop singers have plastic surgery, but that us all about promoting insecurities that are harmful to one’s body and well-being” However, judging from her new look face, it seems that her views have changed and plastic surgery does not seem so bad to her.

As everyone knows, not everyone are favored with plastic surgery. Some will preach about the self acceptance while others are proud and support this kind of medical procedure. Even some of the artist or ordinary people who go under the knife are not so proud of it since some of them will deny it and some of them are excited to show their new looks. There are some artist who choose to improve their looks to make their self happier and gained more confidence while others are just simply afraid that people won't accept them with their natural looks. But who are we to judge them in every decision that they will go to make? There's always a saying that "My body, my rule". But then again, since we really can't control how people think and judge each other, public personality who has gone under the knife must learn how to manage their emotions when people give whether a positive or negative reaction.

How about you? What is your opinion about this issue? Feel free to share your thoughts down there. 

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