10 Beautiful and Hypnotizing Mathematical GIFs

Digital artist David Whyte uses cosines and exponentials the way Toulouse-Lautrec used oil paints.

"My main artistic influences are the other good people on Tumblr doing the same thing I am—making abstract little animations just for the fun of it."

Chill out with some of David Whyte's best art below.

1. Spiral spread

2. Building blocks

3. Triangle sweep

4. Hexagons / Cube

5. Sea urchin

6. Triangle dance

7. Pie

8. Pipes

9. Triangle orbits (try watching just one!)

10. Polygon laps

Temari balls are a folk art form and Japanese craft that originated in China and was introduced to Japan around the 7th century A.D.

1729 wasn’t just some quirky mathematical tidbit with no practical value...